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Who is this Tennis Doctor, BIO?

 “Tennis evangelist lives in eye of controversy,” writes The Tribune Sports writer: Elson Irwin. Young in early 1981 had been advocating one serve per point be initiated in Professional Tennis to speed up the game and to save wear and tear on the arm.  Besides, "Professionals should be a lot better than most of us..."

Elson Irwin’s Tennis Note Pad, which appeared every other Tuesday in the Tribune, November 10, 1981, wrote in SHORT LOBS—"Dan Young, former tennis pro at Tennis Del Sol Tennis Club, made his stage debut in “Detective Story,” with the Alpha Omega Players in mid-October.  For those who want to see if a tennis pro can act, the play has six more performances (Nov. 2-3, Nov. 9-10, Nov. 16-17) He plays Patrolman Barnes."

Dan Young was ranked Number 1 in the Men’s “A”, when Michael Chang was Number 1 in the Men’s Open of the Chrysler Le Baron Tennis Series in San Diego, Ca.
Dan Young, Director, and Founder of the National Tennis Teachers’ College, while recruiting community recreational tennis instructors, along with Pat Stewart at the Oakwood Gardens, while visiting Coronado, offered tennis classes for the handicapped and the visually impaired. circa 1980’s

Saturday, June 29-July 5, 1986, Young appeared as guest on San Diego’s Channel 10, Eye on San Diego Hosted by Bill Griffin with Young demonstrating his unusual tennis teaching skills, and props, such as an egg, hammer, scissors, comb, ukulele, mask.

Chris Wright, staff writer for the Morning Star writes Inventor says Ace-Maker only lesson needed. 1993, in an interview with Dan Young in Wilmington, N.C., demonstrating the Ace-Maker.

Young appears on WAMU-FM Public Radio  with host  Fred Fiske, who was blind, Sunday, March 19, Circa 1978, and had a blind guess wanting to have Young describe the layout of a Tennis Court.
Sports writer, Hank Wesch, The San Diego Union, September 19, 1980 ,Writes Young strives to make game better for all.

“Young, Tennis Pro with a Cause,” by Tim Kelly, Sentinel Correspondent, Circa 1972, instructing Blair Mildenberg with his grip.
Young urges Henderson city Council to refurb tennis courts. Friday, November 30, 2012., story by Martin Fisher, Dispatch Staff writer.  Latest story in the Dispatch suggest E.M. Rollins Courts in Henderson are expected to be repaired and made useable again.

“Tennis Ideal as family sport,”  by Elson Armstrong, Jr., of the Durham Herald News.
Tennis Concession Proposed view Point, by Daniel a. Young, published in the Prince George’s Journal. 1978.

Young proposes “Drop Out Prevention  Tennis Program, April 27, 1998
Thursday, September 18,  1997, The Herald Sun: Young tries to ignite Tennis interest.

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Daniel A. Young, Sr. now the Tennis Coach at Northern Vance High School, member in the Big 8 Conference, now with a 4 wins and 3 loss record this September 13, 2015

Earlier this Summer, Young was featured on Tar Heel Traveler with Host Scott Mason on WRAL-TV-5., and featured in a story by Marty Simpkins of the Wake Weekly, and got featured on the cover of

Follow him on Twitter @nttctennis.

Young unseeded, lost in the Quarter Finals this year to Washington,  D.C.'s  Phil Lucas in Minnesota, but was a Finalist, though not seeded lost to Douglas Dancer in 2013.

Young continues to teach at Lake Park Swim Club at 6333 Lakeland Dr. in Raleigh.

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