Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Are you a "Tennis Player" or just someone who "Plays Tennis?"

That is the question: "Are you a Tennis Player, or just someone who happens to play tennis?"
 Oh yes!  There is a difference. A person who “plays tennis,” plays to keep from losing.  A “tennis player” plays to win, and knows how to win.
A “Tennis Player” plans their match.  They have a goal and purpose in mind when they accompany their opponent onto the tennis courts.

A person who just “plays tennis,” in doubles, looks to team with a person with whom they are likely to win; but, even if they lose, those who “just play tennis” to have fun, and get some exercise, never experience the “agony of defeat.”  Everybody wins in their match ups, they just switch partners.
Whether playing singles or doubles, a “Tennis Player” is constantly looking to raise their skill level, never satisfied with a loss.  A “Tennis Player” wants a rematch.  And, they want it as soon as possible.  After a loss, the “Tennis Player” is back to the backboard to work on their strokes, and to think about what went wrong.

The “Tennis Player” who loses asks themselves after the match: “What did they miss in evaluating their opponent in the warm-up?” 
A “Tennis Player’s” match starts long before they take the court.  They check their appearance,  their equipment, their grip wrappings, water supply, headwear, sun glasses and their cheat sheet—just a written reminder [kept in their racquet cover] to look over during the cross over, just in case things are not going their way.

When warming up a “Tennis Player” is scouting.  They are checking the wind conditions, the position of the sun, and whether their opponents are right handed or left handed, and who is the better player?
By noticing where their opponents stands, relative to the court’s center, they can often surmise whether their opponents prefer to hit one shot or another, and whether their opponent has more confidence in their forehand or backhand.

Now, you be the judge!  “Are you a “Tennis Player,” or do you just “Play Tennis.”




C Daniel A. Young, Sr. 2016


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