Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The right Grip is your secret to a better game

Just got an inquiry, and the player wanted to know why are "...The player's volleys are going into the net."  Duh!  You're hitting them there stupid.

Like any good teacher or doctor, you conduct an examination, I would first look at your grip.   Some players may get out their measuring tape, and proclaim another excuse for my Tennis Excuse Poem,  "The net is too high." 

It may be, but, the axiom "Don't gripe, look at your grip," applies here.

While low balls are easy to volley into the net, to get them over consistently, your racquet head must be above the wrist, and you must not let your racquet slip in your hand. The slip, or spin is caused by casual griping of your racquet. 

How to know if your racquet spins in your hand?  Check and see if you have blisters.  Do you prefer wearing a glove to play tennis?  do you have to constantly change your grip wrappings.  These are some of the tell-tale keys I look at.

I see some players flicking their racquet as they volley.  The one time you might get away with flicking your wrist at the ball, on the backhand or forehand is when, or if,  you happen to let the ball get behind you, and you must try a desperation shot.

Almost without exception, unless you're dampening the feel at the contact, and trying to softly drop the ball over the net, It's important to squeeze the racquet just before contact. 

Here's an extra tip!  This only applies to the ground strokes though, not the serve.  A firm grip--not a tight one--apply on the over head as well.

Finally, it doesn't necessary take a lot of talent to play good tennis just some dedication, concentration and some hard work--like practice, practice, and more practice.

"Hey!  The better you play the more fun you'll have."

c dyoung 2011

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