Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tennis No!No's!

 Don’t verbalize to  yourself,  or to your partner as you warm up about the ability of your opponents, i.e.
If you’re smart players, you can evaluate your opponents for yourselves.  To verbalize the playing ability of your opponents as you observe them, cast doubt on how “Good” you think your team or your game really is.

It would be more productive to look for weaknesses in your opponents’ game yourself, like: failure to come to the net on short balls when warming up, or failure to hit an overhead when it would be expected, or a tendency to run around the backhand because it is weak.
Axiom: “Don’t verbalize your opponent’s prowess, if any you think they have.”  you mentally materialize them when you do.

Axiom:  “Whether they are good players or not is a matter of opinion   I’ll observe their play, and find out while I’m warming them up.”
Axiom: “During a match—any match, your opponents are not your friend.  They are opponents.  Treat them as such.  If you win he’s your friend; if he beats you , he’s someone to be admired, and tell them you’d like a rematch.

Axiom: To win in Tennis Doubles, “Go down the alley early in your match—just to play that thought in you opponents head—not later.  Then it may be too late.
Axiom: To help you win: Serve wide spin serve to “T” to forehand in Ad Court, and Spin Serve to backhand, down the middle in deuce court.

Axiom: In long Rallies? Down the line on your forehand, cross court on your backhand until you can get a short ball to come to the net.
Axiom: “Go UP” for overheads; let high lobs bounce, and when lobbing always lob too long rather than too short.  One you stand three times the chance of winning the point.  Guess which one!

Axiom:  Returning Serve is an Art—not a forehand or a backhand.  Remember it’s a return of serve, putting the ball in play, and should be treated as such.
Axiom: Good players can lob—and will do so; but don’t practice short lobs when they ask for "Some up".  Always lob deep, rather than short.  Either one is a lost point, but one builds your opponents’ confidence, and one wins the point for you three times over.  Do you know which?

Axiom:  Your opponent, who may be serving, has the point advantage if he can “put” the ball in play.  Your goal is to “keep” the ball in play.  Once that’s done you stand an equal chance of winning the point.

Axiom:  There’s more to winning in tennis when you practice returning server.  Use service motion while warming up.

Axiom: Scout your opponents during the warm-up.  Don’t show off your serve, just loosen up you arm.



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