Monday, June 10, 2013

Absolutely Fair Tennis

This is a sad, but respectful post.  I learned yesterday, June 9, 2013, from Tom Munn [forgive me Tom if that is not how you spell you last name], that a former Tennis competitor "Ray McDonald" Raymond J. MacDonald, Jr. has gone to play some real Tennis, where your opponents are always competitive, and even if they lose they are greatful for the match, and the line calls are always given to your opponent, and the server always calls out the score.

And after the match, they run to the net to shake your hand.

I enjoyed playing with Ray, though we didn't team up much, but when we did play together we made a good team, and I didn't need to run down any of his overheads either.

The family had requested in the obituary published Sunday, June 9, 2013, that memorials be made in honor of Ray to the Hospice of Wake County.

Daniel A. Young, Sr.

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