Saturday, February 21, 2015

We got Challenge or We got next!

Ignoring challenger, or failure to relinquish the courts.

Concern by users of the Challenge Court at Millbrook Exchange Park Tennis has been raised by those who are waiting in turn for the opportunity to "(Challenge).

Players should have the opportunity to play in the order of their arrival, and be ready to play. A sign up board might be needed, if the challenge court continues to expand its active use.

No players, or player team member, who loses on the Challenge Court should be permitted
to return to the court,  unless no one else is waiting to play.  Both losers must exit the court, and wait another turn.

Neither rewrapping of racquets, putting on any protective device [Shoes, knee braces, Sun
Screen, etc.], or warming-up should be permitted prior to entry on the Challenge Court when others are waiting.  Players should be ready to play.

Players should come and be ready to play upon accepting the Challenge. This requirement is intended to expedite play. Access to the challenge court should not be restricted because of tournaments scheduled to be played; or utilized for ladder matches, lessons, or teacher training.

To assist in enforcing this requirement, I believe that rather than a chalk board, which can
be erased, that a paper pad, protected from the elements, and utilized throughout the
day as necessary to insure fair access.

The numbered, signed list name, or player roster would show who is due up to play next.

Management personnel could use the Challenge Court record for challenges for fiscal purposes, and would demonstrate court use, or provide necessary information for the allotment of courts 13, 14, and 15 at the 23 Court, Millbrook facility.

Finally, If necessary, court use can be monitored from the Millbrook Exchange Park Tennis Office, by office personnel assigning available courts, by having the player write their name down on the counter sign-up board in the Tennis Office, then the employee gives the player,  or players a ticket with their name, and court assignment.

Court use slips could be issued from the office, and be placed on Binder Clips attached to the gate of each tennis courts, which would show the time the court in use would be free.  The next players would exchange with the courts users at the appropriate time their "court use slip."

When those players time is up: 1 hour for Singles, and 1 112 Hours for Doubles, they
would simply replace the ticket, giving the old one to one of the players leaving, whose
court they would be taking. This would not apply to the Challenge Court.

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